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Parrot Research Web Sites.


All Pets Medical Centre. This link takes you to the Rolling Oaks Aviary site where Dr. Amy Worrell offers some excellent avian medical advice.

Atualidades Ornitolgicas. This is a Brazilian website. This website is devoted to people breeding all kinds of birds, but mostly parrots. Lists many breeders and has forums on different aspects of parrot aviculture.

BIRD Clinic Veterinary Corporation. This is the Website of Dr. Nemetz a veterinarian specializing in birds in Santa Ana, CA. There are several informative information sheets that can be downloaded in PDF format.

California Avian Laboratory. This laboratory offers a number of veterinary tests for birds. The reason it is included here, however, is that you can find a PDF file listing most of the clinical parameters seen for caiques, other parrots, and many other exotic mammalian pets. 

East Petaluma Animal Hospital. This site addresses a number of veterinary questions.

Exotic DVM. This is a journal website, but not just for birds.

Exotic Pet Vet.Net. This link connects you to Dr. Wissman's web site. She discusses many avian veterinary topics.

Hagen Avicultural Research Institute (HARI). This site includes a number of articles of veterinary interest.

Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery. This site contains the Journal's table. If you are interested in reading any of the articles, have your local librarian order photocopies.

Loro Parque Fundacion. At this site you can peruse back issues of Cyanopsitta its quarterly publication. After clicking to get to the site, click on the "spreading expertise" to get to the publication.

Merck Veterinary Manual. This is a standard reference used by most veterinarians. It is available online at this website.

National Library of Medicine (PubMed). This links you to the largest online public medical literature database. This searchable database included many veterinary journals.

National Pet Foundation. At this site you can check on recalls of pet foods and products. 

Roudybush. Tom Roudybush has published more extensively than just about anyone about parrot nutrition. This is a link to his website that summarizes his publications.

Searchable Ornithological Research Archive (SORA). This is an excellent site where you can search several important ornithological journals. 

Wildlife Rehabilitation Database. This is a collection of hematological data for a large number of species. It is a joint project of students of Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Dr. Mark Pokras of Tufts University's School of Veterinary Medicine. The Caique is included among the species.