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DNA Sexing


These links take you web sites that offer DNA sexing. These companies can determine the sex of your bird from a few drops of blood drawn from a clipped toe nail.


AMR Laboratories. This is a small company located in Plymouth Meeting, PA.

Avian Biotech International. This company, located in Tallahassee, FL., is part of Angen, Inc. It probably offers the most complete DNA services for birds  In addition to gender determination, this company offers testing for several avian diseases, DNA fingerprinting, and DNA banking. It has a branch in the United Kingdom to serve European customers.

California Avian Laboratory. This laboratory offers DNA sexing in addition to many other clinical test for avian patients. 

DNA Diagnostics Center. This laboratory offers avian DNA sexing and other DNA based diagnostics. 

DNA Solutions. Offers feather DNA sexing. Has offices in several countries. Among the lowest cost of the companies offering avian DNA sexing. 

Genekam Biotechnology AG. This is a German company that offers DNA sexing from both feathers and blood. 

Genetic Science Services. This Australian company offers DNA sexing of parrots as well as genetic DNA testing of mammals and people. GSS has requested I include the following statements: "Now Your Birds Can Join The DNA Revolution." Safe, Reliable and Accurate DNA Sexing.  Real scientists who are real animal lovers.

HealthGene Corporation. This is a Canadian company that offers DNA sexing and fingerprinting as well as DNA based diagnostics for avian pathogens. 

Zoogen Services. This was the first company to offer DNA sexing for birds. This company may also be reached by phone at 1-800-995-2473 or FAX at 1-530-750-5758.